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UK renewable energy production now equal to power demand in 1958

2018-04-17T12:54:03+00:00 April 2018|

2017 was the greenest year on record for UK energy generation, according to researchers from Imperial College London. The year saw Britain producing more energy from renewable sources than ever before. Dr Iain Staffell’s Electric Insights report showed that 50% of the country’s electricity came from low carbon sources last year. The combined energy produced [...]

Energy strategy isn’t just a large corporate challenge

2018-04-09T13:41:49+00:00 April 2018|

A changing corporate focus The Harvard Business Review (HBR) article “Energy Strategy for the C-Suite” highlights that “sweeping environmental, social and business trends have propelled energy up the corporate agenda. But most firms still approach energy as merely a cost to be managed.” There is little doubt that energy is becoming a strategic issue for [...]

Using a solar panel to generate electricity – from raindrops

2018-03-29T13:34:31+00:00 March 2018|

Scientists from Soochow University in China have developed a new device that enables solar panels to generate electricity from raindrops as well as sun rays, according to the Guardian. One of the key barriers to the adoption of solar power is that PV panels produce intermittently. However. innovators have been making significant strides in improving [...]

Delivering a knockout installation: Avoiding common punch list issues

2018-03-22T14:54:01+00:00 March 2018|

As Zestec’s funded solar PPA projects near completion our technical team prepare a punch list; a list of any issues that need to be resolved before handover. Whilst the majority of installers deliver top quality installations, over the years we have seen a whole range of standards. In this article we highlight the top 5 [...]

The future of car parks: charging EVs with energy generated onsite

2018-03-14T13:00:59+00:00 March 2018|

There are 125,000 electric vehicles (EVs) on UK roads and this figure is set to boom, reaching 1 million by 2020 and 9 million by 2030, according to the National Grid. With that in mind, the BRE has recently issued a new guide for solar car parks, looking at how parking facilities can combine energy [...]

Commercial solar PV – ensure you get the best advice on your investment

2018-03-15T12:32:13+00:00 March 2018|

A growing opportunity for businesses The move to renewable energy is an irreversible journey; not only are fossil fuels a finite resource but the lobby for clean fuel is only going to get increasingly intense. Whilst it has moved on in the last few years, the government indicated in its 2014 Solar Strategy that there [...]

Is Buy-Back right for your business?

2018-03-02T09:17:02+00:00 March 2018|

When an opportunity to grow your business comes along, you need ready capital to invest. Buy-Back allows you to unlock the value of your solar PV system by giving you a cash sum today in return for your future Feed-in Tariff payments. Let’s look more closely at how Buy-Back works. Unlocking the value of your [...]

Could we see a solar power revolution along UK train lines?

2018-03-01T12:51:17+00:00 February 2018|

Could UK trains be powered directly by solar energy? A recent report, Riding Sunbeams, suggests that up to 10% of the energy needed for the UK’s DC-powered routes could be provided by solar PV. Researchers calculated that using DC solar power rather than converting AC power from the grid could save rail companies £4.5m per [...]

UK leads other EU nations in switching to renewables

2018-02-21T10:33:31+00:00 February 2018|

The UK is outpacing other EU nations in the race to roll out renewable energy projects and cut reliance on coal, according to the Telegraph. A research paper has found that the UK and Germany are making the most progress on support for wind and solar power. However, the UK is also scrapping high-carbon coal-fired [...]