Heatwave helps solar power reach new weekly records

2018-07-20T09:10:35+00:00 July 2018|

The recent heatwave has done more than just lift the country’s spirits, it has also helped the UK to break numerous solar power-generation records, the Guardian reports. The installation of new solar power has somewhat flatlined over the last 12 months but the prolonged period of cloudless days has enabled the sector to hit a [...]

UK solar installations halve for second consecutive year

2018-07-11T09:21:39+00:00 July 2018|

Government subsidy cuts are continuing to have an impact on solar panels in the UK as installations across the country halved in 2017 for the second year in a row, the Guardian reports. New solar capacity in the UK fell to 0.65GW, down from 1.97GW in 2016 and 4.1GW in 2015. The numbers have even [...]

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAS) – How everyone can win from solar

2018-06-29T09:14:45+00:00 June 2018|

BACKGROUND Solar PV power is still in comparative infancy compared to conventional energy sources but as we start to witness an increase in the deployment of complementary technologies such as energy storage and electric vehicle charging, adoption in the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector is set to increase at an exponential rate. Two predominant factors [...]

UK climate goals could be ‘predominantly’ met via wind, solar, batteries and DSR

2018-06-25T08:21:02+00:00 June 2018|

According to a new study, solar and wind energy, along with the flexibility provided by battery storage and demand response, could predominantly help the UK meet its growing power needs. As Energy Storage News reports, it is suggested that the UK power system could decarbonise by 2030 without relying on biomass, new nuclear or carbon [...]

2017 was record-breaking year for renewables

2018-06-13T11:47:35+00:00 June 2018|

According to the latest REN21 Renewables Global Status report, renewable energy projects accounted for 70% of all new power additions in 2017, with global capacity increasing 178GW. But what else did the report uncover? Edie highlighted these key findings: Developing countries leading renewables investment Worldwide, new investment in renewable power totalled $279.8bn in 2017, up [...]

UK’s energy security could be put at risk by huge tariffs on electricity imports

2018-06-08T14:37:06+00:00 June 2018|

A cross-industry study from Aurora Energy Research suggests that the UK should reduce its increasing dependence on interconnectors that import electricity from other European markets. While ‘Energy security in an interconnected Europe’ notes the electricity interconnection with the rest of Europe could provide British electricity consumers with a range of benefits, it says these would [...]

More investment needed to meet UK’s climate targets

2018-06-08T14:36:39+00:00 June 2018|

The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has warned that the government will not meet its climate change commitments if investments in renewable energy and other low carbon sources continue to reduce. According to the Guardian, investment in the UK’s low-carbon economy has fallen to its lowest level since the financial crisis in 2008. After dropping 10% [...]

Battery storage, flexible tech and renewables can replace coal

2018-05-18T08:11:15+00:00 May 2018|

The government has pledged to switch off coal plants by 2025 and the World Wide Fund for Nature has argued that they should seek alternative replacements instead of building new large gas-fired power stations, the Guardian reports. The environmental group believes that renewables, battery storage and flexible technologies should be used to fill the gap [...]

Solar energy for business is at a positive tipping point – not just a necessity but an accessible commercial opportunity

2018-05-16T08:01:58+00:00 May 2018|

Necessity the 'mother' of invention Nothing generates change as swiftly as need; they say that “necessity is the mother of invention” and there is no doubt that necessity has fuelled (pardon the pun), the growth in renewable energy. However, it is worth keeping in mind that this is still a reasonably nascent industry; so the [...]

Solar in the UK: a subsidy-free future

2018-05-04T15:56:06+00:00 May 2018|

As we look ahead to the end of the Feed in Tariff next year I have been reflecting how far solar in the UK has come. Falling prices Look at Currys circa 2006 as a reference point – a year when the high-street electrical retailer dabbled in selling solar panels direct to the public. The [...]