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The profit in being green: sustainable development as a competitive strategy

2022-05-30T19:27:16+00:00May 2022|

Why do it? The energy transition has started and is accelerating at pace. Green agenda – demand for green solutions from customers/tenants with net zero/decarbonisation ambitions Insulation from high/volatile energy prices which can impact business cost-base and profitability. The days of cheap gas are gone Security and consistency of energy supply – avoid interruptions/volatility which [...]

Capex Vs PPA Funding

2022-05-30T11:40:08+00:00May 2022|

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and why they are an attractive alternative to the Capex option for Solar PV. Options for funding the implementation of a solar PV system have probably never been more varied for businesses around the UK. Monetising this roof-space asset is an attractive proposition for many. Not only with benefitting from reduced [...]

7 Lessons from 18 months in the Renewables Space

2022-05-25T11:14:25+00:00May 2022|

Opinion by Oliver Lee When I first joined Zestec Renewable Energy some 18 months ago, my views on businesses practicing sustainability were cautiously pessimistic. I had just finished writing a thumb-numbing dissertation on Sustainable Real Estate solutions for Millennials, that in broad strokes (to summarise 96 pages of Arial 11) had found that while consumers [...]

Energy Transition Culture – Why Green Innovation is no longer “green”

2022-05-24T10:49:40+00:00May 2022|

Long gone are the days when responding to environmental problems were a compromise between planet and profit for executives. In this new world, both business and the environment can win. At Zestec we have coined the phrase Energy Transition Culture, ergo, the will and drive to shift to a majority of renewable energy sources. Energy [...]

The Green Road to Recovery

2021-10-13T14:35:15+00:00October 2021|

As global economies remerge and furlough ends, post-pandemic Britain poses a wide range of challenges to British businesses such as staff and supply shortages. A prime example of this is the surge in energy prices amid worsening fears of supply, skyrocketing electricity tariffs countrywide. So where are Britain's business owners now turning to in the [...]

Zestec support Octopus on solar rooftop portfolio acquisition

2021-08-05T16:42:20+00:00August 2021|

Octopus Renewables has acquired a commercial rooftop solar portfolio from Innova Energy, a private equity-backed solar energy company, managed by Innova Capital. The portfolio comprises 57 rooftop-mounted solar PV assets in the UK, all of which benefit from Feed-in-Tariff government subsidy. Zestec provided transaction support to Octopus and post completion will provide Asset Management services [...]

Octopus Renewables and Zestec agree partnership to deliver UK solar asset development

2021-05-13T13:40:33+00:00May 2021|

Octopus Renewables, the specialist clean energy investor arm of Octopus Group, has partnered with Zestec Asset Management, trading as Zestec Renewable Energy (“Zestec”), to deliver a target of more than £100 million of invested capital into new build UK solar assets. With investment provided by funds managed by Octopus, the deal aims to capitalise [...]

Is fully-funded on-site solar the answer to industry’s carbon problem?

2020-12-02T14:38:09+00:00December 2020|

Since adapting a PPA, Kärcher is generating 45% of its annual energy consumption through Solar PV and has displaced c.70 Tonnes of CO2 per year. British businesses have a got a problem. As if a pandemic, the ensuing economic slow-down, and dare I say Brexit where not enough to make any CEO want to [...]

Proposed Solar Roof Concept For Notre Dame

2020-02-21T15:09:38+00:00December 2019|

  Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral could be fitted with a new Solar roof. The new roof for Notre Dame could harnesses solar energy to provide enough energy to power nearby buildings if the design is accepted. Made up of diamond-shaped glass panels propped up with laminated wooden beams, Vincent Callebaut Architectures claim it would turn [...]

China’s Solar Power Is Now Cheaper Than Grid Electricity

2020-02-21T15:06:01+00:00October 2019|

  Solar Power is now cheaper than the electricity from the grid in cities across China which may drive a surge in uptake, according to new research led by Jinyue Yan from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The research scientists found that all of the 344 cities they looked at could have cheaper [...]

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