System specification – Chesterfield

Size of system: 249.9 kWp

Equipment: BenQ modules and Sungrow Inverters

Forecast Output: 219,939 kWh

Carbon savings: 70.5 tonnes Co2e/annum

20 year saving: £481,300


System specification – Daw Bank

Size of system: 277.9 kWp

Equipment: BenQ modules and Sungrow Inverters

Forecast Output: 221,861 kWh

Carbon savings: 96.0 tonnes Co2e/annum

20 year saving: £655,200


As part of a companywide environmental project Stagecoach commissioned the installation of solar PV systems on Stagecoach UK bus depots under a fully funded power purchase scheme. Virtually all of the locally generated solar electricity is being used by each site to significantly reduce each depot’s electricity bill, thereby enabling Stagecoach to gain greater security and certainty over their future electricity costs.

7 solar PV systems totalling 700kWp have been installed under the programme to date.

Stagecoach is one of the UK’s biggest bus and coach operators with around 8,500 buses and coaches. The Group’s business includes major city bus operations in London, Liverpool, Newcastle, Hull, Manchester, Oxford, Sheffield and Cambridge.

Stagecoach Regional Director Sam Greer said:

“This is a new and innovative project that we believe will, over time, help us to reduce our carbon footprint further as well as making financial savings.
This is an example of how we can benefit from new technology at our existing sites to help minimise the impact of our operations on the environment and play our part in tackling the global challenge of climate change.”


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