System specification

Size of system: 148 kWp

Forecast Annual Output: 139,000 kWh

Based in Kent, Mansfields is one of the largest fruit growing, storage and packing operations in the UK. They pick, pack and store more than 25,000 assorted tonnes of their own apples, pears, strawberries, plums, cherries and apricots along with large volumes of third party fruit.

In 2011, as part of their ‘Be Green’ initiative, Mansfields installed 3 x 50kWp solar PV systems onto their cold stores and packhouse roofs. The objectives of investing in solar technology were to reduce carbon emissions and provide a long-term, clean, sustainable energy source.

During the last 6 years, performing to specification the systems savings enabled Mansfields to achieve payback on their initial investment.

Mansfields approached Zestec about their innovative Buy-Back scheme to explore the opportunity of realising value from their systems which they could then invest in developing other areas of their business; whilst still being able to benefit from clean, green solar electricity and reduced carbon emissions.

Zestec has provided a cash sum to acquire the systems and remaining Feed-in Tariff agreements, in return for Mansfields entering into an airspace solar PV rooftop lease.

In addition to the initial cash sum, Mansfields will continue to consume up to 100% of the generated solar electricity from the systems, free of charge, and will continue to benefit from a reduction in their carbon emissions.

Mansfields also benefits from operational  peace of mind through Zestec’s comprehensive Operations and Maintenance programme that proactively monitors, manages and insures the system; with no future considerations for Mansfields about business rates, system performance or equipment failures.

“We have been pleased to help Mansfields release capital from their 3 solar PV systems earlier than they had envisaged enabling them to progress other core business investment initiatives. And they will continue to receive completely free, clean green electricity for the next 20 years without any of the hassle of managing the system”

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