System specification

Size of system: 140 kWp

Forecast 20-year saving: £208,916

Carbon savings: 35.1 tonnes Co2/annum

20 year saving: £171,021


Camlab, headquartered in Cambridge, has been supplying water testing and laboratory equipment globally for nearly 50 years.

Faced with spiralling electricity costs and a significant carbon footprint, they decided to utilise their sizeable roof space to harness the power of the sun. Camlab had 560 panels onto their roof space under a fully funded solar power purchase scheme, which will produce zero carbon, heavily discounted electricity for the next 20 years. After this time the system will be gifted to Camlab who will then continue to benefit from savings during the following 10 – 15 years.

“Roof spaces like the size and orientation of Camlab can really reap the benefits from a system like this, especially when they don’t have to make any investment themselves. This gives them the freedom to continue investing in Research and Development which is key to the business’s long term growth and sustainability.”

Toby Smith, Technical Director

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