System specification

Size of system: 100 kWp

Forecast Output: 103,000 kWh

Carbon savings: 25 tonnes Co2/annum

20 year saving: £181,000


A Sussex bowls club is rolling back its electricity costs after going green with 400 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on its roof.

Denton Island Indoor Bowls Club, at Newhaven, near Brighton, has cut its carbon footprint after having the 100 kilowatt peak (kWp) system fitted free of charge.

The new system will reduce the club’s annual £13,900 electricity bill by 35% and save an estimated £181,185 from its bills over the next two decades.

The club is lit for 3,000 hours a year. Any excess electricity from the solar PV system will be fed into the national grid.

“The amount of pre-planning and consultation about the general impact of the installation was magnificent.

Our Partners were extremely flexible in relation to the fact that we were running an operational club while the system was being installed. Their staff were courteous and polite, everything happened on time with minor disruption considering the size of the job. They met deadlines and there was good communication about how the system works. I would give them nine out of ten for all they did at our club.”

Mike Goldstone, Club Finance Director

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