System specification

Size of system: 30 kWp

Forecast Output: 27,279 kWh

Carbon savings: 12.1 tonnes Co2/annum

20 year saving: £86,140

Reduction on electricity costs: 20%

The Hampshire Golf club is set in 240 acres of countryside in the Test Valley, near Andover. Faced with increasing electricity costs, the club decided to install a 30kWp solar PV system across the driving range shelter and greenkeeper’s workshop under a fully funded power purchase scheme.

The system is currently generating 30% of the Club’s electricity demand. This power is provided to the club at a significant discount compared to their normal grid tariff, leading to instant meaningful savings on electricity costs, without any capital investment whatsoever.

After 20 years, the club will take ownership of the system with free solar energy for the remaining life of the equipment – typically another 15 years.

“Toby and the team were extremely helpful. The installation itself was very quick and there was no disruption at all to the club, golfers or staff.”

Jonathan Spencer, Owner
The Hampshire Golf Club

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