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Large Multi Site Businesses

If you are serious about significantly reducing your energy overheads, radically reducing your carbon footprint and meeting your green agenda targets, we should be working together.

Zestec’s financial backing means we have in place funds to allow us to install across your entire network of unutilised roof space*, at pace and without requirement or reliance on Government subsidies.

We have a network of carefully vetted, high quality, installation partners with the scope, scale and track record to install systems ranging from 5MW down to 30kWp.

Additionally, we have good relationships with many of the UK’s largest institutional landlords and can frequently help expedite those negotiations where the property you occupy is under a leasehold arrangement.

To give you an indication of the difference that large-scale installation of solar PV could make to your organisation, please see the following information:

For a 1MW installation, where the majority of energy produced is used on site, we would expect a saving of circa £1.8m over 25 years with an annual 350 tonne reduction in your carbon footprint.

The sustainability agenda has been the elephant in the room for many commercial property owners, but what we are seeing now with regards to current and future legislation and policy-making is a very clear sign of where the agenda is being driven.

Planning requirements, 2018 minimum EPC requirements, 2019 zero-carbon development and the CRC regime to name but a few… it is incumbent on property owners to introduce measures to improve building performance both in terms of reducing energy usage but also in finding ways to generate renewable energy on-site. It is going to be much more cost effective in the long run for those that take decisions now than it will be for those who have changes forced upon them in later years.

Not being tied to any one specific manufacturer or contactor really does allow us to deliver the optimum solar PV generation solution for our clients.

The first step in us delivering these tangible benefits for you will always be a quick call, followed by a face-to-face meeting.

* PPA’s are also available for ground mounted and even floating solar PV systems.

Generate your own clean, green energy and pay less for your daytime electricity.


Would you like to reduce your energy bills whilst improving your environmental performance and credentials? A Power Purchase Agreement from Zestec could be your perfect solution.

If you have a building footprint of at least 450m2 and consume at least 80,000 kWh of electricity per annum in a regular daily pattern, then, thanks to our PPA, you could benefit from cheaper, greener electricity today, whilst protecting your business from future energy price rises for the next 25 years.

How? By installing a commercial solar PV system on your property, completely free of charge.

All of the electricity the system generates will be available for you to consume, at a low fixed rate, which is guaranteed to increase only with RPI for the next 25 years and you will also save tonnes of CO2 every year.

Zestec will work together with your business to design the highest yielding solar PV system for your business and install it at no cost and with very little disruption. Once installed we monitor, maintain and manage the system to ensure peak generation, therefore providing optimum savings for you, at all times.

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