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Zestec helps businesses enjoy the benefits of cleaner, greener low carbon energy solutions, achieving long-term energy cost reductions by designing, building, funding and managing renewable energy solutions; this includes roof top solar panels, ground mount, storage and other technologies as appropriate.

Partnering for our PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with an Octopus managed fund, this partnership aims to capitalise upon the continually developing fully-funded solar market.

Octopus Renewables has a strong commitment to the renewables sector and, as global economies strive towards Net-Zero, this is a further indication of the company’s desire to grow its portfolio in this market. Octopus and Zestec bring a powerful combination of funding, knowledge and experience of building the highest quality installations for its clients. This is crucial to providing long-term performance for all parties.

Octopus is one of Europe’s leading sustainable energy investors,  currently managing a global portfolio of renewable energy assets valued at more than £3bn. Specifically, Octopus currently manages more than 1GW of solar in the UK (the largest operator in the UK) and all of our investments are intended to be held within the Octopus group for length of the project life, meaning we look to develop long term relationships with our partners.

Now, with the potential of energy storage and other associated benefits, activity in commercial solar is really growing. We are also in the position to fund ground mounted projects where appropriate.

Roof top solar is just the start, other areas such as storage and EV charging can also help.

Businesses, schools and government can all reduce the cost they may otherwise pay for energy.

We also work on Capital and Asset financed projects.

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