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Zestec will not only fund PV solutions via their PPA but can also fund Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) on behalf of our clients.

Storage is a critical aspect of Energy Transition; it can support businesses by leveraging their on-site generation but also potentially by leveraging available on-site space to benefit from proximity to the network and market volatility.

If you are looking to install, or have already installed, on-site solar PV generation, then energy storage can be a great solution to reduce costs further, improve power quality, and enhance system efficiency. Additionally, if your business is in an area constrained by availability, there are other innovative ways that BESS can be deployed.

The commercial energy storage opportunity

Battery Energy Storage systems are designed to leverage energy generation and reduce energy costs, whether that be from on-site generation; for example your solar PV system or capacity needs of the grid. Integrated into a Solar PV system, Zestec can use energy storage to improve the quality of your power supply by using a battery to regulate the voltage and frequency.

With an understanding of the needs and possibilities for your business; our experts will design the integration of your solution, taking into account your load profile, energy consumption patterns, renewable generation capacity and available space on your site.


  • Store electricity from renewable sources such as solar panels
  • Higher self-consumption and lower grid dependency
  • Reduce peak electricity costs by reducing ‘time-of-use’ surcharges
  • Earn income by providing support services to the National Grid
  • Avoid the need for costly grid upgrades – e.g. to support EV charger roll-out
  • Support with Net Zero targets
  • Demonstrates commitment to energy transition

From rooftops to surrounding land or integrated carports, Zestec will assess all options and size the systems to your business needs.

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We’ll design and integrate EV charging infrastructure to support your needs, and we’ll intelligently manage energy demand.

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Zestec’s fully funded solution, means you receive all the benefits of a renewable energy, covering purchase, installation and ongoing operational maintenance.

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"Throughout the entire process, we have been kept informed and been treated with total transparency. Our high-quality system is forecast to provide c.£224k of electricity cost savings during the term of the lease."

James Lloyd Jones,

Managing Director

Jones Food Company

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