Our PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is an electricity supply agreement, where Octopus Energy Generation funds the installation, operation and maintenance of your business’ renewable solution. In return, you will begin to generate green energy on site, paying us only for what you use, at a significantly lower price than the grid.

The cost of the electricity from the PPA tariff is calculated based on the cost of installation, ongoing maintenance and specialist insurance and is not linked to the current energy market. This way the client benefits from significantly reduced electricity bills and carbon emissions with no capital outlay or the responsibility of installing and managing a PV system.

From rooftops to surrounding land or integrated carports, Zestec will assess all options and size the systems to your business needs.

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We’ll design and integrate EV charging infrastructure to support your needs, and we’ll intelligently manage energy demand.

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Zestec provide funded energy storage solutions for businesses, giving increased levels of control over energy consumption.

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"ZLC Energy would have no hesitation in recommending Zestec to our clients who are looking for a fully funded solar installation."

Paul Hambridge,

Renewable Energy Consultant

ZLC Energy ltd

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