Davall Gears

Davall Gears is a leading UK precision gear designer and manufacturer

Davall Gears is a leading UK precision gear designer and manufacturer with a long-standing reputation for delivering custom solutions to manufacturers of high-precision, critical systems. They specialise in industries including aerospace, defence, medical, robotics, and industrial.

How we helped

Zestec began working with Davall Gears in 2022 when they decided to take a step up in transitioning to green energy. Under our PPA model, Zestec fitted a 288kWp rooftop system, to enable Davall Gears to generate 275,000 kWh annually of electricity.

The project experienced some difficulties along the way. Due to the existing roof being insufficient to support the solar infrastructure, their install partner had to carry out a full roof replacement to ensure stability before deployment of the system. Zestec’s project management team were on hand at every stage to guide all parties through the process, ensuring a smooth and safe development for the client. Zestec’s experienced technical team were also available to step up when Davall Gears’ DNO offer was export-limited. They quickly redesigned the solar PV system to comply with the offer without impeding the system’s size, allowing Davall Gears to generate enough electricity to offset their reliance on the grid.

Davall Gears by numbers


Capacity: 287.5 kWp generating 276331 kWh per annum


Electricity cost reduction: £56k a year


CO2e reduction: 62 tonnes a year


Discount on electricity tariff: 63% by year 5

Who we’ve helped

"It’s never been more important for manufacturers to be wary of their environmental footprint. A huge thank you to Zestec Renewable Energy for your speedy and efficient service on the project."

Davall Gears,

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