Capital free, fully funded solutions via PPA.

Our capital free option allows you to utilise your roof space or adjacent land to benefit from reduced energy costs without any financial outlay. Through Zestec’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you receive the benefits of a solar PV solution on an ‘all inclusive’ basis, covering purchase, installation and ongoing operational monitoring and maintenance.

This funded approach also negates the significant tax increases in business rates now being levied against companies who own their solar installation; with a PPA these rates do not apply in the same way as the system is not owned by the business but by our investors.

With one of the strongest funding counterparties available, an Octopus Renewables managed company, we are well placed to address the needs of all business seeking to take advantage of solar and associated technologies.

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Capital Expenditure

Zestec also helps clients who are seeking to purchase a solar PV system or associated technologies outright by deploying their own capital, applying the same quality approach and rigour as we do to our own assets deployed via a PPA.

A capital purchase option accelerates the return on investment over a fully funded system, but does attract two other ancillary challenges:

  1. An increase in business rates. (This does not apply to the PPA solution, as the business does not ‘own’ the asset).
  2. The ongoing monitoring, maintenance and management of the asset.

Asset Finance

We are also able to offer an Asset Finance option to fund your solar PV system. There are a number of options, including Lease Purchase and Lease Hire under which this can be agreed, which we would be happy to discuss with you.

Many organisations that invest in a solar system do not always appreciate the maintenance and support required to maximise the lifetime efficiency of the asset. Crucially there may come a point where the business wishes to refinance the asset as it requires capital for other reasons; only a well-maintained asset will be attractive.

For this reason Zestec incorporate an operational maintenance agreement on all assets, giving clients maximum performance and peace of mind for the future.

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