Investing in UK solar assets

For investors, assets such as commercial solar PV installations can be attractive investments as they deliver long-term (20 years+), secure, inflation-linked income streams.

Zestec consider investments in the UK solar PV sector attractive as the sector can provides low risk and attractive returns through a combination of:

  • predictable revenues for 20-25 years (through Feed-in-Tariffs (“FiTs”), regulated by OFGEM and a low-volatility resource: i.e. solar irradiation);
  • high quality counter party clients contracted to 25-year index linked Power Purchase Agreements
  • predictable and manageable operating costs;
  • low operational leverage.

Zestec’s team has substantial experience in the UK solar PV sector and manages portfolios of systems installed on private residences and commercial premises. Zestec is also leading the development of new commercial solar PV assets for a number of UK based institutional investors.

If you would like an exploratory discussion to understand how Zestec may be able to support your investment in UK solar PV assets, please get in touch:

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Asset Management

Zestec provides specialist back office and asset management services to investors in the UK solar PV sector. Our understanding of solar PV, combined with our technical, engineering, legal, financial and advisory skill set enables us to create real value for our investors.

Solar PV systems, once installed and generating electricity, need to be actively managed to ensure they consistently perform in line with expectations and producing the required outputs. In addition to the internal Zestec team, we have a long standing partnership with one of the leading providers of field based solar Operations and Maintenance services across Europe.

Performance monitoring

All systems are monitored continuously in a dedicated control room and in the unlikely event a problem should occur, it is immediately detected and reported. Countermeasures can be initiated immediately. By reducing plant downtimes, yields are optimised.

Information & reporting

We provide monthly, quarterly, and / or annual reports on the performance of our systems, including a target / actual deviation analysis, as well as troubleshooting and maintenance operations. In addition, you have access to our monitoring portal, which provides you with all the necessary information on the exact performance of our solar PV systems.

Inspection & preventive maintenance

Electrical systems must be regularly inspected and maintained. This is not only important for your investment income and the safety of your plant, but is also mandatory. We ensure that the requirements for inspection and maintenance are met. Through precautionary examinations, we reduce downtime of your plant. As preventive measures are many times cheaper than costly repair and troubleshooting applications, we reduce your operating costs and optimize your investment income.

Troubleshooting & maintenance

Should there be any breakdowns or faults, our service technicians will be at your service. We guarantee short reaction times. This minimizes downtime and maximizes your investment income.

Performance optimization & security

Through targeted measures we also optimize the performance of your plant. From the cleaning of the modules to the green section of shading plants and trees, our service team creates the prerequisite for a continuously high yield of your plant. In addition, we ensure safe plant operation and, if necessary, do the necessary work from your traffic safety requirements (eg control of storm damage, vandalism, winter service).

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