Zestec provide a ‘whole lifecycle’ approach to your asset

It is not widely known but installed solar PV systems are often bought and sold. As this is an asset above your roof or in your grounds, this can represent a risk as ownership changes.

Zestec’s funding partner Octopus is an evergreen investor and hence you are secure in the knowledge that the standards applied during the build of your asset and early management will apply through it’s lifetime.

Design and optimise

Fund with confidence

Install to exacting standards

Manage to optimise

Adopting solar energy to save money and reduce carbon

Commercial solar solutions are a key way that businesses can reduce their electricity outgoings and also contribute to the net Zero economy. Solar for business is increasingly popular amongst even the largest global companies, many of whom are going the fully funded solar route as a way to both benefit from the opportunity and also to conserve capital for investment in their own businesses.

At Zestec Renewable Energy we are vested in not only commercial solar but also in the application of other technologies such as batteries and EV charging.

We believe in a Net Zero economy and working with businesses to help them adopt roof top solar along with other renewable technologies.

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