When an opportunity to grow your business comes along, you need ready capital to invest. Buy-Back allows you to unlock the value of your solar PV system by giving you a cash sum today in return for your future Feed-in Tariff payments. Let’s look more closely at how Buy-Back works.

Unlocking the value of your solar PV system

Your solar PV system provides you with two primary financial benefits: free electricity and Feed-In Tariff payments. In the long term, these benefits will repay your investment in the solar PV system and deliver a healthy return. The problem is, it can take many years to start to realise this return. Unlocking this potential today means you can invest in your business without the wait, enabling you to purchase new plant and equipment, improve your facilities or develop new products.

As well as giving you a cash sum, Buy-Back releases you from the work involved in actively operating your solar PV system – maintenance and repairs, insurance and performance monitoring. Zestec operates at scale, so we can handle these issues more efficiently than individual property owners. You continue to get free electricity, without the hassle of running the system yourself.

How does Buy-Back work in practice?

We adopt a simple and transparent process when evaluating Buy-Back opportunities with Clients. The first step is for you to give us initial information about your solar PV system, which enables us to produce an indicative valuation.

If you wish to proceed, we organise a technical survey of the solar PV system, then use the information gathered to confirm a final valuation. We then draw up an agreement in which you lease the airspace above your roof to us for a specified period, usually around 20 years, and you agree to transfer your Feed-in Tariff payments to us for the same length of time, in return for a capital sum today. At the end of the lease period, ownership of the solar PV system automatically transfers back to you.

How it worked for one of our customers 

Mansfields is one of the UK’s largest fruit growing, storage and packing operations, based in Kent. In 2011, the company installed three 50kWp solar PV systems onto their cold stores and packhouse roofs, as part of a green initiative.

After six years, the financial returns Mansfields had achieved from their solar PV system was sufficient to have repaid  their initial investment, and they had a decision to make: to continue operating the system themselves, or unlock a cash sum by leasing the solar PV system through Buy-Back?

Mansfields opted for the Buy-Back. Zestec provided a cash sum to acquire the systems and remaining Feed-in Tariff agreements, in return for Mansfields entering into an airspace solar PV rooftop lease. The company accessed capital to invest and will continue to enjoy clean, green solar electricity and reduced carbon emissions.

Why Zestec?

Zestec’s team has unique expertise in financial and investment markets as well as experience of installing 000’s of solar PV systems on all roof types across a wide range of public and private sector clients. We combine sound financial sense with in-depth technical understanding of solar PV systems. Call the team for more information today on 01202 862760 or visit our website.