Zestec (alongside our wonderful partners Perfect Sense Energy) recently attended the brilliant UBT Expo 2019, where with hundreds of other businesses we were able to demonstrate our real, tangible value add. Whilst visiting the EU UBT HQ we were able to check out our own handy work in the form of our fantastic Solar PV array on the South of their roof. Our 1,345m² 226.60kWh system is performing excellently with a current total production of 90,420.50 kWh since being commissioned in March of this year.

A few words from our Managing Director Simon Booth – ‘We met with many business owners during the course of the 3 days, each keenly engaging with us to fully understand how our fully funded Solar PV systems work, the savings they could reasonably expect to achieve and the steps required to progress a project opportunity. We look forward to being able to help as many of the businesses as possible become generators of their own clean, green Solar energy.

Whilst at the event, I managed to catch up with Dan Haughton of UBT, for whom we recently installed a fully funded Solar PV system. Dan was really impressed to have recently received his first electricity bill since the system was installed and commissioned, and to see it was £1,500 lower than previous comparable periods; it’s always great to receive feedback and to know that what you say you are going to deliver to Clients, is what you do, and they are very satisfied.’

Following on from the successful installation of the new Solar PV array at UBT HQ and fantastic business relationship between Zestec and UBT, Dan Haughton (HR & Facilities Country Manager for UBT UK) had these kind words to say; ‘This is the first fully funded Solar PV system installation at a UBT premises and we are delighted to have worked with Zestec and PSE. They successfully navigated a complex legal ownership structure and have delivered a high-quality system which is forecast to provide c.£900k of electricity cost savings during the term of the lease. It has been a pleasure working with the team and I can endorse their quality customer-focused solar PPA solution.’

The day was spent chatting to lots of UBT partner businesses keenly wishing to understand their options when it comes to installing Solar PV and reducing their electricity bills.

UBT Case Study