NextEnergy Capital PPA partnership

We have signed an innovative Framework Agreement with NextEnergy Solar Fund (NESF), the UK’s largest listed solar fund, to install commercial solar across the UK using Zestec’s proprietary Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model. Commercial landlords will pay a reduced tariff compared to their grid rate for electricity produced by the solar PV system under a PPA agreement with NESF. PPA’s are available for terms ranging from 10 to 25 years.

NESF has pledged £20m to be invested under the PPA model during 2019. The long-term ownership nature of NESF’s investment strategy means commercial property owners can take comfort that they will not be passed from one financial institution to another during the term of the lease.

‘We are delighted to be partnering with NextEnergy Capital, as the leading specialist investor in renewable energy assets. Together we bring unparalleled experience in the UK commercial & industrial (C&I), subsidy free, PPA market.

The C&I sector represents a significant, largely untapped market opportunity across the UK. The collaboration between NextEnergy Solar Fund and Zestec provides a fantastic platform through which corporate and SME clients are able to access innovative funding solutions, enabling them to significantly reduce their electricity costs and address their CSR responsibilities.

As the PPA proposition continues to gather traction, Zestec’s established network of partners will see this availability of capital as a further endorsement of the proposition and the rich vein of opportunity it increasingly represents for their businesses,’ commented Zestec Asset Management’s Co-Founder and Director Simon Booth.


Solar Buyback Solutions

We recently acquired the UK’s leading residential solar PV Buyback specialist Solar Buyback Solutions.

Based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, the Solar Buyback solutions team have been successfully helping residential customers release equity from their existing solar PV systems over the last few years.

In return for providing customers with a capital sum today, customers transfer their remaining Feed-in Tariff agreement to our investors and enter into a solar airspace roof lease. Clients continue to receive free solar generated electricity and have no concerns over ongoing monitoring, maintenance or management; all of this is taken care of for them.

Working in partnership with some of the largest and well respected solar PV investors, the team have operated with a highly proficient set of acquisition, development and ongoing management tools.

What does this mean – it means that in a period of c.6 weeks they can take a customer from initial enquiry, through to technical survey and final completion including cash payment.

David Ring, Director of Solar Buyback Solutions commented about the recent acquisition ‘We are delighted to be part of Zestec Asset Management and to help support both its continued growth and innovation within the renewable investment sector. This is an exciting step for both Solar Buyback and Zestec Asset Management’.


Unlock the value of commercial solar PV systems

Our commercial refinance scheme provides clients with a highly transparent, seamless and efficient way of unlocking the value of their existing solar PV systems from their balance sheet.

Whether clients need funds to invest in equipment, premises or develop new products we can help today.

We pay clients an agreed sum in return for entering into a solar airspace roof lease and transferring their Feed-in Tariff (FiT) agreements to us.

Clients continue to benefit from free electricity generated by the solar installation and have no worries or concerns about the system performance, maintenance and repairs, insurance or monitoring, as we will take care of this.

By way of a recent success story, we’ve been able to help Mansfields, one of the largest fruit growing, storage and packing operations in the UK refinance 3 solar PV systems totalling 148kWp – read more here



If you have an existing customer base of residential or commercial solar PV customers and would like to explore the potential of being able to help them release capital from their system, please get in touch with the team on 0800 304 7545 or

For more information on our residential offering please visit or for more information about our commercial offering visit the refinance page on our website.