Newfield Fabrications

Capacity: 184.800kWp
Installation date: February 2019

Newfield Fabrications is a family owned company established in 1960, is a leading engineering business. Supplying small, medium and large components utilising the very latest in technology innovation.

Newfield Fabrications specialise in construction equipment, power generation, truck and bus, railway, nuclear, recycling and many other general engineering industries.

Operating from a self-contained premise near junction 17 of the M6, Newfield Fabrications provide just-in time deliveries to their customer base spanning the UK.

In September 2018, Newfield Fabrications made the decision to have a fully funded solar PV system installed at their office in Sandbach, Cheshire by Solar Perfect and Zestec Asset Management (Zestec). Their brief was to install an optimal sized solar PV system based on their on-site electricity consumption which delivered the maximum potential savings against their electricity costs and carbon emission reductions.

Under Zestec’s power purchase agreement (PPA) scheme, Newfield Fabrications will:

Reduce their electricity grid tariff by 23% for the solar energy generated and consumed on site

Reduce total annual electricity bill by c.13%

Displace c.55 Tonnes of CO2e each year

Achieve forecast savings of c.£400k over the 25-year lease term

Newfield Fabrications are committed to optimising their environmental footprint, so utilising energy from sustainable sources was a key factor in their decision to install a solar PV system, allowing them to act responsibly and bring value to their stakeholders.

After completion of due diligence, detailed technical survey and multiple system re-designs to accommodate ongoing developmental works within Newfield Fabrications building, Zestec’s partner, OARE, was able to install a 184.8kWp solar PV system using Trina solar PV modules and Solis inverters.

Because Newfield Fabrications wanted to maximise energy savings with the requirement to invest any of their own capital, they needed to work with a partner who utilised the best technology available, had extensive expertise and offered a long-term, hassle free financing and active management renewable energy solution.

solar pv array

John Fowler, Director, Newfield Fabrications, commented;

“We are delighted to have worked with Zestec and Solar Perfect. They have provided us with a high-quality solar PV system which required zero capital expenditure by us. Best of all, we are forecast to achieve c.£400k of electricity cost savings during the term of the Lease whilst significantly reducing our carbon emissions. It has been a pleasure working with the team and I can endorse their quality customer-focused solar PPA solution.

Now complete, 100% of the solar energy generated onsite will be consumed by Newfield Fabrications, expected to be around 155,759kWh per year.

solar pv array

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